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Road bridge collapsed in Karaganda 23 мая 2011, 17:59

Road bridge collapsed in Karaganda.
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©Trofim Kunin/Tengrinews ©Trofim Kunin/Tengrinews
A road bridge collapsed in Karaganda, KazTAG reports. No casualties are reported, according to the Emergency Situations Department. “A roadway subsidence occurred in the area of 15 sq.m this weekend. The road subsided because of destruction of the reinforced concrete support structures of the bridge,” the authorities said. Local administration says that all the traffic is currently detoured from the road. “We are currently estimating the damage and the requred repair works. Then we will be dealing with the issues of funding,” said deputy Akim (Mayor) of Oktyabrsk region of Karaganda Nurlan Mazhitov.

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