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Motor racing track to be built near Almaty 15 апреля 2011, 17:11

$40-million grand motor racing track called Sokol will be built near Almaty.
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Photo courtesy of carpark.ru Photo courtesy of carpark.ru
Car-racing track called Sokol will be built in Almaty oblast PROAUTOSPORT.KZ reports. There are no similarly large-scale tracks in any of the post-soviet countries. The track's unique design will make it suitable for high-class international competitions. The track will cover the area of 205 hectares. It will have fifteen loops of different configurations and lengths. There will be a professional motor racing track, kart track, drag racing track and drift track. The facility was also feature a range of training and specialized driving tracks, comfortable grandstands and a hotel. The track will be constructed as part of implementation of the technical sports development program. The new motor track is expected to boost tourism attractiveness of Kazakhstan and help develop auto-racing sports. The $40 million project is expected to have private funding. It will be built close to Lake Sorbulak 76 km from Almaty along Almaty-Karaganda intercity highway.

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