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Extreme bike-show to take place Almaty 24 марта 2011, 11:44

An extreme bike-show will take place in Almaty on March 27.
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Dmitriy Petrukhin Dmitriy Petrukhin
Almaty bikers will give a bike-show at the Astana Square in Almaty city. The bright and extreme event will be held on Sunday, March 27, Tengrinews.kz quoted Kazakhstan's top biker Dmitriy Petrukhin as saying. “We want to bring together the most active and courageous bikers, to what our life is about,” Petrukhin said. Bikers and extreme sports supporters intends to attract attention of Almaty citizens with this show. The bike-show will start at 11 a.m. at the square located at the crossing of Tole-bi and Ablay Kahn streets. It will last for two hours. Besides the extreme stunts the show will feature a variety of biking competitions: Javelin throw, The slowest drive, Bite the sausage, Barrel-roll. Stand-riders will be the finishing touch of the show. Dmitriy Petrukhin from Almaty is the first biker in the world to complete a round-the-world journey on his bike absolutely unaccompanied. His solo tour started in 2004 and lasted for 2 years. During the whole trip his bike was carrying the flag Kazakhstan.

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