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Martin O’Rourke

Martin O’Rourke

Managing Editor of TradingFloor.com

Managing editor of online social copy trading platform, TradingFloor.com, with overall responsibility for driving content and strategy. Manage team of nine incorporating full Asian trading day through to the end of the European day with ongoing plans for further expansion and products. Responsible for all publications liaising closely with Saxo TV and management to help develop strategic vision for platform.
CEE Explained: Oh Mikhail, what did you do?

Former Soviet Union president Gorbachev may have anticipated a loosening of controls when he unveiled the twin pillars of 'glasnost' and 'perestroika' in 1986... Fast forward almost 25 years and a multitude of nations with competing and different interests dot the map from Slovenia in the West to Ukraine and Russia in the East. Stretch that to incorporate the likes of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Siberian Russia and then you've got an expanse that pretty much traverses half the land mass of the globe.


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