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Chokan Laumulin

Chokan Laumulin

Research Fellow, Central Asian Forum, Jesus College, University of Cambridge

Chokan Laumulin is a Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. He was born in 1969 in Almaty. He served in the Air Forces of the USSR Army. He graduated from Journalism School of Kazakh State University and holds a Master's degree in European Political Economy from London School of Economics. He started his business career in small and medium business in 1991. He was a manager and co-owner of Informika company, KTK TV-channel and Karavan Media Holding in 1998-1999. Founder, co-owner and founding editor of KontinenT magazine, 1999-2009. Head of Astana TV channel and Rauan Media Group in 2004-2008. New Projects Chairman of London School of Business and Finance and independent director of KBTU (Kazakh-British Technical University). Executive producer of Hollywood documentary Murder by Proxy, or How America Went Postal. Jointly with his brother Murat, he wrote a book The Kazakhs: Children of the Steppes released in Great Britain. He collects vinyl discs, loves rock music, opera, Italy and its culture, language and food.
University of Cambridge in support for Astana Expo-2017

Expo2017 fever in Kazakhstan is picking up momentum and its contagious vibes can now be felt as far as Cambridge.  This is not very surprising though as Cambridge academics, particularly through the efforts of Cambridge Central Asia Forum, have supported President Nazarbayev’s vision to promote Future of Energy as the theme of the Expo in Astana from the beginning.