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Denis Ten

Denis Ten

Kazakhstan Figure Skater

Denis Ten, born June 13, 1993, is a Kazakhstani figure skater. He is the 2013 World silver medalist, the 2011 Asian Winter Games champion, and three-time Kazakhstani national champion.

At the 2008–2009 ISU Junior Grand Prix event in Belarus, Ten became the first skater from Kazakhstan to win an International Skating Union competition. He competed at the 2010 Winter Olympics after earning two spots for Kazakhstan at the 2009 World Championships, the first time Kazakhstan had ever qualified more than one Olympic men's entry.
Poor is the sportsman who never dreams of an Olympic medal: Denis Ten

Famous Kazakhstan figure skater Denis Ten who won the silver medal at the World Championship is one of the biggest hopes of Kazakhstan at the Sochi Olympics 2014. The athlete told about the beginning of his season, his injuries and his victories in Austria and Italy in an interview.

A man can be destroyed but not defeated

Denis Ten responded to "sportsman from nonexistent country".