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Gennadiy Doroshin

Gennadiy Doroshin

UNDP/GEF Adviser

Major qualification: radiation energy, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency during production and energy consumption. PhD in Technical Sciences.

Author of over 50 articles and researches on coal energy, energy efficiency, ecology, RES.

Took part in many international and regional conferences on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

Started working on energy efficiency in public heating of UNDP/GEF (United National Development Program/Global Ecological Fund) project in 2010.

Working experience: came to UNPD Kazakhstan in 1999 as the energy projects coordinator, manager of project on development of wind energy market.

Education: Saratov Polytechnical Institute, Russia
Kazakhstan's wind energy potential exceeds demand 10-fold
If the wind stations are built in the windy areas, they will be producing the total of 920 billion kWh of power per year, which is 10 times more than the whole Kazakhstan consumes annually: expert.