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Maria Shishkina

Maria Shishkina

Junior tennis star

Maria Shishkina was born in Kazakhstan on 22 Jul 1998. At the age of 7 she moved to Florida with her mother to training in the famous tennis academy of Nick Bollettieri (IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy). Masha’s mother is also a sportswoman. In Kazakhstan she went mountain climbing and till now she remembers with nostalgia the beautiful sights of her native country. Masha’s father Igor Shishkin is a professional wrestler. He still lives in Kazakhstan. The experts call her "second Sharapova” and "young star” in spite of her young age. The quotation of Nick Bollettieri: "This girl is particular. This girl is a tigress. Remember her name. She has a perfect coordination, her concentration is the same. She has incredible blows from the right as well as from the left, they are, like lasers, strong and accurate and this all was the answer to the blows that an adult man sent to her. The game by the net is also impressive. She has the fastest and the most dexterous legs since the time of Tracy Austin. This child is unbelievable, the best player of her age that I’ve ever seen. And even more!”
Kazakhstan's 'Second Sharapova' might play for United States in future

Kazakhstan Tennis Federation officials met with Maria Shishkina's parents and tried to persuade them that Maria should play for Kazakhstan.