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Instability and its faces

Instability and its faces

Opinions, overviews, reseach and analysis

Terrorism, extremism and crime: analysis pieces, chronologies, comments of experts.
Situation in Central Asia stimulates militarization: Yerlan Karin

"The global military costs made $1.7 trillion in 2011. Experts relate this growth to the escalating terrorism threat. At least, all governments justify allocation of big money with a need to counter terrorism. What we have is growth of extremist and terrorist activities and growth of military costs" -- Yerlan Karin.

We have to be more concerned about reasons for terrorism inside the country: Yerlan Karin

"Many terrorist organizations have citizens of other countries in their ranks. I don't deny the fact that a few of our citizens get involved in the terrorist activities abroad, but I done see any trend or escalating problem that should make this our primer concern" -- Yerlan Karin.


Security forces missed a generation of terrorists in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan political experts discuss flaws of the country's military forces in countering terrorism.