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Hungary opens monument to Kazakh poet 10 июня 2014, 14:43

A monument to the great Kazakh poet Abai was erected in Hungary’s capital Budapest.
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© East Kazakhstan Oblast Information Center © East Kazakhstan Oblast Information Center

A monument to the great Kazakh poet Abai was erected in Hungary’s capital Budapest, Tengrinews reports citing the information center of East Kazakhstan Oblast.

Kunanbayev is the father of written Kazakh literature and is widely regarded as the greatest 19th century poet of Kazakhstan. He was also a cultural reformer toward European and Russian cultures. Abai's main contribution to the Kazakh culture is in poetry. Before him, most of Kazakh poetry was oral, echoing the nomadic traditions of the people of the Kazakh steppes. Abai's poetry became a milestone in the philosophical thinking of the Kazakhs. 

The bust of Abai Kunanbayev made of bronze was unveiled on Astana Street in Budapest as part of the official visit of Prime Minister Karim Massimov to Hungary. He came to discuss trade, economy, scientific, technical, cultural and humanitarian cooperation. Several agreement were reached in these areas in the course of his visit.

The Kazakhstani delegation included the representatives from East Kazakhstan Oblast. Two years ago it was this Oblast, which took upon itself the mission to made and deliver the bust of their famous countryman to Hungary. Young talents from East Kazakhstan performed songs written to the lyrics of the poet in Hungarian language.

Monuments depicting the philosopher and enlightener Abai are installed in many other cities across the globe, in particular, in Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, Tashkent, and Istanbul. A museum dedicated to his life was opened in London.

Writing by Dinara Urazova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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