Public Election Observation Commission counted voters

04 апреля 2011, 21:43
Фото REUTERS/Stringer Russia©
Фото REUTERS/Stringer Russia©
Public Election Observation Commission counted voters in 60% of the voting stations, reports.

Almost 95 percent of voters gave their voice for Nursultan Nazarbayev, its polls show. Voter turnout exceeded 91 percent.

The organization's poll covered 60 percent of the polling stations.

The public commission that has a lot of famous people in its ranks boasted 5.5 thousand volunteers from all over Kazakhstan.

“The scope was not that large, only 60 percent. This is just the beginning. Our observers worked honestly and without prejudice,” said the commission’s co-chairman Nurlan Yerimbet.

“We had no intention to tar or to praise someone, as the most of the other observers did. Anyway I would like to say that 60 percent of polling stations were responsible for the turnout of 91.3 percent of voters. 94.9 percent voted for Nazarbayev," he said.

By Maksim Popov

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