97 international observers to monitor vote in Almaty

01 апреля 2011, 13:54
Tengrinews.kz stock photo
Tengrinews.kz stock photo
“17 delegations of 97 international observers have arrived in Almaty. They are meeting the Chairman of the Central Election Commission for Almaty and presidential candidates. The US delegation has met representatives of the Charter of Human Rights NGO, Almaty Helsinki Committee and those of Azat party” Bnews.kz quoted Nurgul Omarova, Spokesperson for the Center for Relations with International Observers, as saying.

According to her, the Turkish delegation is to deliver some lectures at Almaty-based universities on bilateral relations between Kazakhstan and Turkey.

She also emphasized that “most delegations have defrayed all the travel and accommodation expenses themselves (…) the US Delegation is staying in their diplomatic hotel, just like the Turkish and the Chinese”.

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