Soldiers of Khalifat is a subdivision of the Islamic movement of Turkestan

02 ноября 2011, 19:09
Soldiers of Khalifat. Photo courtesy of
Soldiers of Khalifat. Photo courtesy of
Djund Al-Khalifat (Soldiers of Khalifat) is a subdivision of the Islamic movement of Turkestan (former Islamic movement of Uzbekistan), a source in Afghanistan told KazTAG.

“As for Djund Al-Khalifat, I can say that there is such a division of the Islamic movement of Turkestan (IMT). Usman Adil is the current leader of the IMT. After the death of Takhir Yuldashev he became a so-called emir of the IMT,” the source told the agency.

However, he could not confirm or confute relation of the real Djund Al-Khalifat to the explosions in Atyrau and the messages on the American website.

He also added that, besides this organization, Lashkare Tvaiba Kazakhstan is operating in Kazakhstan. This is an underground extremist organization interested in recruitment of Kazakhstan residents and sending them for training to the third countries.

The Islamic movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) has become very active in Central Asia in 2010-2011. In particular, their objective is to destabilize the situation in the region.

Previously the IMU was several times defeated by Pakistan Talibs and their commander Maulan Faizulla personally, who accused the IMU of being connection with the CIA.

Earlier English reported that Djund Al-Khalifat (Soldiers of Khalifat) claimed responsibility for both explosions in Atyrau on October 31. According to their statement, the blasts were “just a warning”.

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