Cellular communication restored in Zhanaozen

20 декабря 2011, 17:29
Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Bozhko. Photo By Yaroslav Radlovskiy©
Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Bozhko. Photo By Yaroslav Radlovskiy©
Cellular communication has been restored in Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Bozhko said.

“Cellular communication has been restored and the works are performed to restore the ground line communications,” Lada magazine cites Bozhko as saying at the meeting of the government commission on investigation of Zhanaozen violences on December 20.

“Our first group is working on restoration of the town's infrastructure. We have investigated the situation and now we can say that the situation is as follows: all the stores and markets are functioning in Zhanaozen. The cost of certain commodities is lower than in Astana. All bakeries are supplied with flour, no disruptions in bread supplies are expected. Communications and electricity have been restored,” he said.

According to the minister, priority costs for restoration of Zhanaozen have been defined as well. “The National Bank will start operating tomorrow. They have cash, around 1 billion tenge ($6.8 million) in Zhanaozen. Some of their terminals have been damaged, but the majority of them are operable. They have CIT vehicles, that’s why there will be no problems with money transportation. As for the utilities, there is heating, gas and water. There are no failures in supplies of fresh and technical water to the town,” Bozhko said.

Clashes in Zhanaozen started on December 16. 46 facilities were damaged and burnt. The prosecutors reported 14 victims of the clashes, 11 of them have been identified.

1 person died, 12 people and 5 policemen were injured during the second unrest at Shetpe railroad station on December 17. State of emergency was announced in Zhanaozen until January 5, 2012. Government commission led by Vice Prime-Minister Umirzak Shukeyev has been created.

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