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Astana team at the fourth stage of Dakar-2013

added: 10 January 2013, 11:03


The racers had to cover a 717km route from Nazca to Arequipa with 429km of special sections and 288km of liaisons.

Kazakhstan's Arthur Ardavichus said after the stage: “The fourth day of Dakar is over. Once again it was not a very successful stage for our crew. Technical failures keep haunting us. We cannot understand their origin. The turbocharger control system keeps failing and the engine does not work to its full capacity. We are driving through mountains and sands and it is difficult to pass such a route on a truck that does not reach its full capacity. We get stuck in big holes and find it difficult to go up serpentine roads. We lose a lot of time. We will now try to find out the cause of the failures. I hope that we will overcome this problem and continue driving to our own beat. But with all that’s happening at the Dakar, we are in still in a good position. We have managed to get into the Top-10, today we dropped out of it, but judging by what’s going on here, we are still holding a good line in the tournament’s rankings. Many trucks have flipped over today. Tomorrow some of them will not be back on track because of injuries or if they fail to fix the cars before the morning. That means, I hope, that we will be able to get back to our previous results and drive among the leaders again. Yes, this is Dakar, it’s tough for everyone, but we are still managing.”
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