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Exclusive interview with Colin Farrell

added: 10 August 2012, 19:08


Tengrinews.kz presents an exclusive interview with Colin Farrell prior to the first night of Total Recall movie in Moscow.

The host asks the following questions:

- The movie is terrific. Are there any moments of the movie that you’d like to make in some different way or reshoot?

- Speaking of the future, what do you think the real life will have of those things you show in your movie?

- If you met Timur Bekmambetov and he offered you a part in his science fiction movie, would you play and which character would it be?

- Are you fond of science fiction?

- There are many fans of yours in Kazakhstan. They look at you as a role model. What would you tell those young people who want to become actors? What would you advise and what should be their first steps in life?
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