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After jihadist kills 7 in broad daylight in Taraz

added: 13 November 2011, 00:48


Seven people including 5 police officers were killed and 3 wounded in Taraz city in the south of Kazakhstan as a result of exchanged of fire and a blast. Kariyev, 34, a jihadist, hijacked a Mazda 626 car, assault an arms shop killing a guard, took two guns and some rounds. Then he hijacked another car (VAZ 21099) killing two special security officers and took their service weapons: Kalashnikov gun and Makarov gun. Then he picked RPG 26 grenade launcher from home, drove to the regional Department of the National Security Committee and made one shot from the grenade launcher and several bursts from the automatic weapons aiming at the walls and windows of the building causing no casualties.

Then he wounded three more police officers who were chasing him and got wondered himself. During apprehension he killed himself an police captain by triggering an explosive.

The video is a courtesy of STV television channel.
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