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German physicist made first flight on multicopter

added: 05 November 2011, 16:56


German physicist Thomas Zenkel made the first flight on multicopter, MEMBRANA reports.

The unusual electric vehicle works like a helicopter, but has 16 propellers. The vehicle weighs 80 kg and has a lithium battery. Multicopter is not only classified as extra-light aviation with maximum takeoff weight not exceeding 495 kg and minimum speed less than 65 km/h, but also represents its new type.

According to manufacturers, the pilot uses a simple joystick to manipulate the flying machine. The pilot does not have to worry about speed, tangage and other details that complicate the life of helicopter pilots. The vehicle is mean for 10 to 30 minute non stop flying. Besides, even if a quarter of the vehicle's engines fail, mupticopter will still be able to land. A safety parachute opens above the vechicle in case of emergency.

“Our system was initially planned as an electric one: silent, clean and feasible. One hour of flight will cost around 6 Euro which is the cost of consumed electric power. Besides, the vehicle has a small number of wearing details, which means long intervals in maintenance and its low cost,” the manufacturers said. According to them, the invention is planned to be used in sport and leisure, but it can also become an alternative to large helicopters in aerial photography, inspection of pipelines, sanitary aviation or used as air taxi.
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