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Karim Massimov at the 6th KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum

added: 05 October 2011, 20:58


Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Karim Massimov delivered a speech at the opening of the 6th KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum Kazakhstan: 20 Years of Sustainable Growth, New Horizons for Investment and Cooperation on October 4 in Astana. Karim Massimov told about the progress achieved by the energy sector over 20 years of independence. Besides, PM emphasized that Kazakhstan is committed to attracting and sustaining investments, improving the business climate and further developing the national energy industry. Massimov noted that Kazakhstan created an environment that allowed to confidently and responsibly plan for the future. Prime-Minister reiterated Kazakhstan's commitment to environmentally sustainable growth and development, its readiness to promote technology to improve the energy-efficiency of the country’s economy and harness renewable sources of energy and develop nuclear power. Karim Massimov emphasized that Kazakhstan recognized the rising interdependence between energy producers, transporters and consumers. Being a reliable energy partner Kazakhstan promotes diversification of energy transportation routes and geographical end-markets.

Source: Karim Massimov's Facebook.
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