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Second stage of Kazakhstan Gymkhana Championship

added: 25 August 2011, 12:48


This time organizers made the track more complicated. The distance was 200 meters longer and there are more turns and cones that the racers could not touch. In the end of the race the pilots had to drift park in the “garage” (four cones places as a parking lot).

The race was held only in two categories: S22 (rear drive) and S31 (4-wheel drive). The total of 12 crews took part in the tournament. Prizewinners in S22 category are: Aleksandr Grebnev (Karaganda), Nikolai Onischuk and Vadim Kochiyev. Awards in S31 category were given to Maksat Mirmanov (he was second at the previous stage), Valeriy Borodin and Vitaliy Kolomychenko.
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