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Tengri band performance of a Kazakh national song

added: 25 July 2011, 13:44


Tengri trio was founded by a wide variety of audiences during the expedition Along Genghis Khan’s path. The trio consists of rock-singer Assem, ethnographer-musician Yerlan Sabitov and dombra-player Abulkhair Abdrash. The video shows Assem singing Kazakh national song Tugan Zher (Motherland) accompanied by Yerlan Sabitov playing Kobyz, an ancient Kazakh string instrument.

Kobyz has two strings made of horsehair. The resonating cavity is normally covered with goat leather. Kobyzes used to be sacred instruments and were owned by shamans and bakses (traditional spiritual medics). Legends say that kobyz and its music can banish evil spirits, diseases and death.
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