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F1 Coulthard, Ukrainian drifters and ultimate need for speed in Almaty

02 June 2014, 17:41


Formula-1 level entertainment in Almaty on June 1st.

A custom 1km-long track layout stretched from Zheltoksan street to Dostyk street in Almaty city. A former British Formula One race David Coulthard’s stunning show was the long-awaited highlight of the day. The racer pushed the limits of the Red Bull's RB7 Formula 1 car and crossed the track three times to the delight of the audience.

Ukrainian stunt men and drifters performed on the Republic Square too. A famous drifter Alexander Grinchuk or "Grinya" from Ukraine impressed the audience with his extreme parking skills. Grinya parks while drifting with superb elegance. The Ukrainian drifter took the two times Olympic weightlifter champion Ilya Ilyin from Kazakhstan for a drive. The Kazakhstani Olympic record holder enjoyed a 250 km per hour drive on the improvised track. Ilyin said that it was an unforgettable experience.

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