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Кazakh piano virtuoso Oleg Pereverzev plays in air

26 September 2014, 15:07


Kazakhstan’s virtuoso pianist Oleg Pereverzev plays Rimsky-Korsakov’s famous Flight of the Bumblebee on the piano suspended in the air from a crane. The video was shot in Kiev, Ukraine.

“Of course, it was scary. There were stunt actors, but I climbed up and did all the tasks myself. We rehearsed it a day before. I do not know the exact height, I did not look down. As far as I remember, the crane arm can extend to 50 meters. I was above some buildings, a park and trees,” the musician shared his impression.

According to Oleg Pereversev,  the stunt had never been done anywhere in the world before. The next goal of the pianist is to play the piano in the open space.

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