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Ulytau to become Kazakhstan's new national park

01 September 2014, 18:18


The Kazakhstan National Geographic Society has launched a two-week expedition to Ulytau - the cradle of the Kazakh nomadic heritage. Ulytau is located in Karaganda Oblast in Kazakhstan's geographic center.
Over a hundred historical monuments of different kinds have been preserved in Ulytau. Besides, Ulytau played an important role in the region's politics: alliances were sealed, leaders were declared khans and military campaigns started there.
The tomb of the eldest son of Genghis Khan Jochi is in Ulytau. Graves of rulers Edigu and Tokhtamysh are there as well.

The purpose of the expedition is to revive and popularize the cultural-historical and spiritual heritage of Ulytau. Historians-archaeologists, geographers, biologists, botanists, and journalists are members of the expedition.

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