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24.07.2012 13:11 Entertainment, Style
Alisher Zhaksybai from Almaty had become the First Prize Winner of the X International Children Contest Slavianski Bazaar 2012 in Vitebsk.
26.04.2012 13:48 People
A newly wed woman from Kazakhstan has won one million dirham ($ 272 thousand) in a lottery held by Dubai Bank in the United Arab Emirates.
22.12.2011 17:25 Art, Books
Abzhanova is deaf from childhood, her early interest in painting however determined her life path. Her sacred dream is to become famous worldwide.
08.06.2011 15:08 Kazakhstan
Russian real estate development company RTM transferred the project of a trade center in Odintsovo to BTA Bank on the account of its debts.
07.06.2011 18:04 Sport
Kazakhstan junior football team (U-19) won over Kyrgyzstan in the tournament between SCO countries held in Astana.
23.05.2011 18:34 Environment
Kazakhstan presented a new breed, Adai horses, at the international arena for the first time.
15.05.2011 12:37 Sport
Kazakhstan won the first prize in the 7th World School Individual Chess Championship in Poland.
10.05.2011 14:15 Sport
Kazakhstan figure skaters won the Golden Cup at a junior skating tournament in Dubai.
04.05.2011 12:10 Sport
Kazakhstan national Muay Thai team brought two gold, two silver and four bronze medals from European Muay Thai Championship.
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