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15.04.2013 11:13 Sport
Kazakhstan's Albert Linder lifted 295 kg in total after two exercises (135 kg in snatch and 160 kg in clean and jerk) and won the gold.
16.11.2012 11:50 Sport
The young Kazakhstan athlete Margarita Yelisseyeva managed to edge her rival China’s Wu Lutin by four kilograms and won silver.
31.10.2012 18:10 Sport
She had been living and training in Kazakhstan since she was 14. There has been no official claims submitted to the Agency or the Weightlifting Federation: head of Kazakhstan Sports Agency.
30.10.2012 18:03 Sport
Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry and Weightlifting Federation refuted information that Chinese weightlifting center sent official requests to return Chinshanlo.
30.10.2012 17:14 Sport
Kazakhstan Olympic weightlifting champion Zulfiya Chinshanlo officially refuted the rumors of her plans to leave for Chinese national team.
30.10.2012 17:05 Sport
Zulfiya Chinshanlo showed her Kazakhstan passport to refute rumors of her return to China and abandonment of Kazakhstan weightlifting team.
25.10.2012 17:38 Sport
Gold-winner of the 2012 London Olympics, member of Kazakhstan national weightlifting team Zulfiya Chinshanlo is returning to China, some say.
25.10.2012 14:39 Sport
Secretary General of Kazakhstan Weightlifting Federation denies that Kazakhstan Olympic champions Zulfiya Chinshanlo and Maya Maneza are leaving Kazakhstan's national team.
02.10.2012 16:54 Sport
Kazakhstan will become a hosting country for the World Weightlifting Championship that will be held in 2014.
26.09.2012 15:44 Sport
Young Kazakhstan weightlifter Nadezhda Nogai won a gold medal at the world championship among juniors under 17 held in Slovakia.
23.09.2012 13:47 Sport
Kazakhstan weightlifter Albert Linder became a bronze prize winner of the Junior World Weightlifting Championship.
04.09.2012 17:18 Sport
Kazakhstan actor Anuar Nurpeissov wants to produce T-shirts with a photo of Kazakhstan's weightlifter and Olympic champion Ilya Ilyin.
29.08.2012 10:54 Sport
Kazakhstan weightlifter Maya Maneza, who won Olympic gold, said she would stay in Kazakhstan, because she considers Kazakhstan her home.
27.08.2012 15:59 Sport
Kazakhstan weightlifting team’s coach Aleksey Ni has commented the statements of Chinese media that some one the Kazakhstan athletes were loaned to it by China.
22.08.2012 11:50 Sport
Aleksey Ni, Kazakhstan national weightlifting team head coach, insists that Kazakhstan weightlifters won their Olympic gold medals fairly.
22.08.2012 10:32 People
Two-time Olympic champion Ilya Ilyin will get married on September 9 in Kyzylorda.
17.08.2012 18:21 Sport
Kazakhstan female weightlifters Zulfiya Chinshanlo, Maya Maneza and Svetlana Podobedova took part in the awarding ceremony in Taldykorgan.
14.08.2012 16:57 Sport
Two-time Olympic champion Ilya Ilyin of Kazakhstan is going to start doing his PhD course in Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism this year.
14.08.2012 16:23 Sport
Olympic weightlifting champion Svetlana Podobedova is going to get married to her colleague Vladimir Sedov, 2009 world weightlifting champion.
07.08.2012 15:40 Sport
Kazakhstan weightlifter two-time Olympic champion Ilya Ilyin shared his plans for the future upon arrival to Kazakhstan.
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