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29.09.2014 00:11 Sport
Kazakhstani weightlifter Margarita Yelisseyeva has won gold at the 17th Asian Games in Incheon.
22.09.2014 17:32 Sport
Olympic champion from Kazakhstan Zulfiya Chinshanlo has won silver at the Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea.
01.09.2014 16:17 Sport
Two-time Olympic Champion in weightlifting and the Olympic and world record holder Ilya Ilyin of Kazakhstan has once again beat his record in clean and jerk.
30.08.2014 13:49 Sport
Kazakhstan athletes have won eight medals at the Second Youth Olympic Games held in Nanjing, China on August 16-28, 2014.
23.07.2014 16:29 Sport
Kazakhstani weightlifter Ilya Iliyn is 99.9% positive that he will win the gold medal at the 2014 World Weightlifting Championship in Almaty.
14.07.2014 22:04 Sport
Over 400 Kazakhstani sportsmen will participate in the upcoming 17th Asian Games in Icheon, South Korea.
12.03.2014 17:43 Sport
Two times Olympic Champion, three times World Champion and an avid social network user Ilya Iliyn has posted a vine or a short video of squatting with 220 kg on his Instagram page.
11.03.2014 21:58 Sport
The Kazakhstan Weightlifting Federation has fulfilled all the obligations towards the International Weightlifting Federation and the International Anti-doping Agency by toughening doping control in Kazakhstan.
11.03.2014 21:51 Sport
A champion weightlifter of the Summer Universiade in Kazan Farkhad Kharki has been charge with committing a doping-related offence.
30.01.2014 16:56 People
Two-times Olympic champion in weightlifting Ilya Ilyin from Kazakhstan has posted a prophetic photo in his Instagram account.
28.01.2014 20:34 People
It is not the first time 73 y.o. Zhan-Ata surprises his audience with his unusual abilities. It his previous acts he swung a punching bag with his psychic power, lifted the wood block 6666 times and performed one thousand sit-ups.
15.11.2013 18:07 Sport
Kazakhstan Weightlifting Federation has been charged with a fine of $500 thousand for doping violations of several Kazakhstan athletes.
06.11.2013 00:40 Sport
The International Weightlifting Federation has disqualified nine weightlifters from Kazakhstan.
04.09.2013 18:16 People
Kazakhstan's gold-winner of the 2012 London Olympics Zulfiya Chinshanlo has married a Chinese citizen.
10.07.2013 18:01 Sport
Kazakhstan's weightlifter Anna Nurmukhambetova was the first weightlifter to win a gold medal for Kazakhstan at the Championship in Astana.
10.07.2013 13:12 Sport
Kazakhstan weightlifter Alexandra Aborneva won the third gold medal for the team at the Asian Weightlifting Championship in Astana.
10.07.2013 13:06 Sport
Weightlifter Alexandr Zaichikov brought the second gold to Kazakhstan national team at Asian Championship in Astana.
10.07.2013 01:32 Sport
Weightlifter Farkhad Kharki has won the first gold for Kazakhstan at the Universiade in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia.
12.05.2013 17:46 Sport
Kazakhstan’s weightlifter lifted 135 kilograms in clean and jerk, while her Chinese rival Xinyue lifted 130 kilograms.
16.04.2013 10:32 Sport
Jeno Boskovic Trophy is awarded to best weightlifters based on their performances during one year.
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