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22.10.2012 10:36 Politics
A new pull puts US President Barack Obama and his Republican rival, Mitt Romney dead even in their race for the White House on the eve of their final televised debate.
17.10.2012 12:19 Politics
Britain's prime minister and Scotland's first minister have fired the starting gun on a two-year campaign for the hearts and minds of Scottish voters ahead of an independence referendum to be held in 2014.
16.10.2012 17:55 Politics
President Barack Obama wooed Americans not yet old enough to vote Monday in a unique children's television news special that his rival Mitt Romney opted to avoid.
03.10.2012 18:59 Laws, Initiatives
In a win for President Barack Obama's Democrats, a judge in Pennsylvania ordered state officials Tuesday not to enforce a controversial voter ID law in the coming presidential election.
27.09.2012 14:36 Politics
President Barack Obama delivered an unapologetic defense of American values and his under-fire Arab Spring policy, speaking to US voters from a world stage at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.
24.09.2012 17:38 Laws, Initiatives
Two-thirds of Swiss voters rejected a referendum Sunday to tighten a smoking ban, to the relief of hotels and restaurants, while two cantons split in a vote over keeping tax breaks for rich foreigners.
20.09.2012 17:59 Politics
Sounding a note of inclusion and unity that belied tension coursing through the campaign, White House hopeful Mitt Romney told Hispanic voters Wednesday he would be president for "100 percent" of Americans.
19.09.2012 14:00 Politics
Barack Obama said Tuesday presidents must represent all of America, not just their own core voters, capitalizing on Mitt Romney's gaffe that 47 percent of his countrymen were tax-dodging "victims."
14.09.2012 14:30 Politics
Dutch voters overwhelmingly backed pro-European pragmatism Wednesday, electing centrist parties committed to debt-busting austerity and rejecting the anti-EU extremism of Geert Wilders.
07.09.2012 18:14 Politics
Vice President Joe Biden paid tribute to Barack Obama as a commander-in-chief with a "spine of steel" Thursday, calling on US voters to give them both four more years in office.
07.09.2012 14:59 Politics
US President Barack Obama Thursday implored Americans to grant him a second term to complete his battered crusade for change, warning of the starkest election choice in a generation.
05.09.2012 10:21 Politics
Quebec's separatists look to sweep back into power in elections Tuesday, buoyed by rising frustration with the current leadership and months of student protests over a planned tuition hike.
01.09.2012 14:58 Politics
President Barack Obama's team on Friday ripped into Republican Mitt Romney's big convention speech, complaining it lacked a governing vision and disguised plans to punish the middle class.
31.08.2012 17:32 Politics
Through an unmarked door, down a passageway and behind a padlocked metal gate lies a room littered with cell phones that is the nerve centre of an underground effort by Angolan rappers to monitor Friday's vote.
10.08.2012 11:23 Politics
US President Barack Obama aggravated a culture war battle over contraception as he wooed women voters Wednesday, warning that Mitt Romney's Republicans would turn back the clock to the 1950s.
27.07.2012 13:34 Politics
More than one in three conservative Republican voters still thinks US President Barack Obama is a Muslim, nearly four years after he won power, said a Pew Research Center survey Thursday.
26.07.2012 10:27 Politics
The recent run of negative ads in the US presidential race may be backfiring on both President Barack Obama and his Republican adversary Mitt Romney.
20.01.2012 17:10 Politics
Zhanaozen events caused high voter turnout at parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan: Nurlan Yerimbetov.
27.12.2011 18:56 Politics
About 70% of Kazakhstan respondents will vote in January 15, 2012 elections.
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