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08.06.2015 16:21 Politics
Luxembourg went to the polls in a landmark referendum on whether to give foreign nationals, who make up nearly half the population, full voting rights.
02.06.2015 13:43 Politics
Latvia's parliament votes for a new president on Wednesday as the small Baltic NATO and eurozone member weighs security concerns amid heightened tensions with Soviet-era master Russia.
23.05.2015 12:58 Politics
Ireland waited Saturday to learn the outcome of a historic referendum on same-sex marriage, with crowds of anxiously optimistic "Yes" supporters expected at Dublin Castle to hear the result.
11.05.2015 15:52 Politics
Conservative opposition challenger Andrzej Duda pulled off a surprise first-round lead in Poland's presidential ballot.
08.05.2015 17:49 Politics
Europe woke up to the cold certainty of an unprecedented British referendum after David Cameron's election win.
06.05.2015 12:43 Politics
Britain's political leaders were in a final push for votes ahead of Thursday's knife-edge general election.
05.05.2015 12:35 Politics
Former US president Bill Clinton said in an interview that aired he will keep giving lucrative speeches "to pay our bills" while wife Hillary Clinton runs for the White House.
27.04.2015 19:48 Politics
International observers from the CIS have shared their impressions about the presidential election in Kazakhstan.
27.04.2015 16:49 Politics
Two experts explained high voter turnout in the Kazakh presidential election and the choice made by the people of Kazakhstan.
27.04.2015 16:10 Politics
Nursultan Nazarbayev has gathered 97.7% votes in the presidential elections according to the preliminary data of the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan.
27.04.2015 12:59 Politics
Mustafa Akinci, who won a run-off for the Turkish Cypriot leadership, is a veteran politician seen as best placed to revive peace talks with the Republic of Cyprus.
26.04.2015 17:10 Politics
Prominent political figures of Kazakhstan have cast their votes in today’s presidential elections.
22.04.2015 19:10 Politics
Chairman of the National Commission for Control over Elections Nurlan Yerimbetov urged Kazakhstanis to take an active part in the upcoming elections in Kazakhstan on April 26.
18.04.2015 19:39 Laws, Initiatives
International expert suggests changes to be made in the Kazakhstani electoral rules, especially with regards to ballot-stuffing and passive voting right.
17.04.2015 13:46 People
Expensive housing, an overloaded transport system and a lack of space are driving thousands of Londoners out of the hectic British capital to other.
06.04.2015 14:56 Politics
British opposition leader Ed Miliband is confounding critics ahead of an election that could make him prime minister.
06.04.2015 14:46 People
Seven decades after fleeing the carnage of partition, Mangu Ram is still regarded as a second class citizen in Indian Kashmir, unable to own property or vote in state elections.
12.03.2015 15:49 Politics
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conceded that the centre-left opposition could win next week's general election and appealed to voters not to take the chance with national security.
28.02.2015 14:41 Politics
Jeb Bush courted rightwing American voters at a crucial political testing ground, but the presumed Republican presidential frontrunner for 2016 received a mixed reception.
27.02.2015 14:47 Military
Estonia's centre-left coalition is poised to return to power in an election marked by nerves in the NATO member over the military resurgence of Russia.
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