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06.02.2013 18:46 Internet
Consumer efforts to protect personal data and remain "invisible" online is leading to a "data blackhole" that could adversely impact digital advertisers.
05.02.2013 14:23 Internet
Ads pegged to Google search results can be racially biased because of how certain names are associated with blacks or whites.
05.02.2013 11:58 Health
Men who watch television for 20 hours per week have almost half the sperm count of those who watch very little television or none at all.
31.01.2013 15:00 Health
Erectile dysfunction might signal more than a need for the little purple pill, researchers said Tuesday in a study showing a link with heart disease and early death.
30.01.2013 12:54 Health
Gays and lesbians who come out about their sexual orientation are less stressed than those who remain in the closet, and often more relaxed than heterosexuals.
25.01.2013 15:48 Health
Women smokers are at a greater risk than at any time in recent decades from lung cancer and other ailments linked to their tobacco use.
22.01.2013 13:31 Environment
Claims that global warming can be braked by dissolving huge quantities of rock in the sea to absorb carbon emissions are laden with flaws.
19.01.2013 13:50 Health
Some children diagnosed as autistic at a young age see their symptoms completely disappear when they get older, new research shows.
18.01.2013 18:59 Science, Technologies
Jews of European origin are a mix of ancestries, with many hailing from tribes in the Caucasus who converted to Judaism and created an empire that lasted half a millennium.
10.01.2013 13:02 Environment
Reducing the use of wood-burning stoves in an Australian city led to a sharp fall in deaths from respiratory diseases and heart failure.
09.01.2013 17:41 Science, Technologies
Getting pruney fingers from soaking in the bath is an evolutionary advantage, for it helps us get a better grip on objects under water.
08.01.2013 10:08 Science, Technologies
The Milky Way contains at least 17 billion planets the size of Earth, and likely many more, according to a study out Monday that raises the chances of discovering a sister planet to ours.
05.01.2013 14:31 Health
Researchers have disproved a long-held theory about how some bacteria survive antibiotics and opened the door to new treatments to fight drug-resistant bugs.
04.01.2013 15:08 Strange News
European scientists say they have found further evidence that how you serve food and drink matters hugely in the perception of taste.
02.01.2013 14:26 Health
The use of antidepressants during pregnancy is not linked to a higher overall risk of stillbirth and death in newborns, a study said Tuesday, confounding a long-held opposing view of such drugs.
31.12.2012 11:58 Science, Technologies
Two centuries after the French people beheaded Louis XVI and dipped their handkerchiefs in his blood, scientists believe they have authenticated the remains of one such rag kept as a revolutionary souvenir.
27.12.2012 18:54 Science, Technologies
China's economic boom has seen its coral reefs shrink by at least 80 percent over the past 30 years, a joint Australian study found Thursday, with researchers describing "grim" levels of damage and loss.
21.12.2012 10:05 Science, Technologies
Biologists say the human hand is a wonder of evolution, providing dexterity that lets our species perform activities as diverse as bricklaying, writing, ice hockey and brain surgery.
18.12.2012 16:50 Religion
Christians are the world's biggest religious group, numbering some 2.2 billion people, according to a study released Tuesday by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.
13.12.2012 15:17 Crime
Children -- most of them girls -- now make up 27 percent of all human trafficking cases, marking an alarming increase in recent years.
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