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19.04.2012 15:26 Crime
11 Kazakhstan students got involved into fraud in the U.S.
24.03.2012 18:01 Crime
Three Kazakhstan students were apprehended for stealing wheels from expensive cars in the U.S.
11.03.2012 13:53 Science, Technologies
Pavlodar school student Nazifa Baktybayeva has been invited to the U.S. to visit NASA headquarters.
24.02.2012 15:38 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan students doing their full-time Bachelor courses could ride public transport with a 50% discount soon.
22.02.2012 18:30 People
Almaty Akim Akhmetzhan Yessimov called business community to facilitate employment of students.
20.02.2012 14:02 Education
Students of Nazarbayev University raced their the mini-robots through a labyrinth.
01.02.2012 16:34 Education
The construction will start in several selected higher education institutions.
26.11.2011 12:19 Education
Kazakhstan is the leader among Central Asian countries by the number of its students who study in the U.S.
02.11.2011 11:14 Education
President Nazarbayev gave a speech on modernization of Kazakhstan system of education and urged both countries to cooperate in this area.
20.10.2011 16:21 Unrest
Part of Kazakhstan students studying in Islamabad International Islamic University join Uzbekistan Islamic Movement and Hizb ut-Tahrir.
05.10.2011 14:04 Sport
Kyzylorda resident Zhalgasbay Abshekenov has won Kickboxing World Cup in Anapa, Russia.
26.09.2011 16:44 Education
Samruk Kazyna will form a personnel reserve of school and university students from those who get into the final of the Innovative Kazakhstan competition.
26.08.2011 13:23 Markets
The administration of North Kazakhstan region decided to engage college and university students during the harvest time.
25.08.2011 17:46 Education
University management announced results of the first year of work and shared its plans at the press-conference on August 23.
10.08.2011 16:24 Kazakhstan
School students from Taldykorgan became finalists of the prestigious international contest of young space researchers called “Flight to Future”.
24.06.2011 11:04 Education
A student construction team from Karaganda left Sochi to help construct the Olympics facilities.
07.06.2011 17:49 Kazakhstan
The students will be able to earn from $1.5 to $3 thousand during summer period.
01.06.2011 13:46 Kazakhstan
48.6 percent of respondents among Kazakhstan students are happy to live in their home country.
23.05.2011 18:44 People
Number of students traveling to the United States for work has increased by 20 percent.
25.04.2011 19:23 Education
Educational accounts will let parents save up for their children's education in Kazakhstan. They won't be able to cash out the accounts. The fund will be directly transferred from the bank to the university of choice.
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