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03.02.2014 17:31 Crime
An armed student on Monday briefly took 20 teenagers hostage in a Moscow school and killed a policeman and a teacher before being detained amid security jitters ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games.
24.01.2014 22:16 People
Runaway teen Indira Gainieva, 17 who eloped with her boyfriend Edward Bunyan, 16 from their boarding school, will be returned to Kyzyolrda.
18.01.2014 11:48 Crime
Two teenage American high school students were shot and injured Friday by a student gunman who whipped out a handgun at the end of the school day, police said.
16.01.2014 13:41 Crime
The Boston court has scheduled the trial of Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov in the Federal Court on June 23, 2014.
30.12.2013 12:23 Emergencies
Seven Vietnamese schoolchildren drowned while swimming in the sea during a picnic near the southern business hub of Ho Chi Minh City, local police said Monday.
14.12.2013 11:09 Crime
A schoolboy gunman wounded two fellow students Friday, one critically, before killing himself in the latest such US shooting on the the eve of the first anniversary of the Newtown massacre.
12.11.2013 18:13 Education
Nur Otan, the ruling political party of Kazakhstan, has dispelled the rumors surrounding selection of Bolashak scholarship benes.
24.10.2013 00:19 Science, Technologies
Margulan Yessenzhol, a high school student from Karaganda in central Kazakhstan, has assembled his own nanosatellite.
30.09.2013 12:33 Crime
The retrial of Amanda Knox and her former lover for the murder of a British student begins in Florence on Monday, though she has decided not to attend.
19.09.2013 15:56 Religion
The former student of the Central Mosque of Almaty accusing imams of sexual harassment has been denied persecution of her religious teachers.
03.09.2013 18:58 Politics
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev has advised Kazakhstan student to do exercises.
03.09.2013 18:48 Politics
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev has advised school students to stop wasting their time in social networks.
27.08.2013 13:12 Crime
One of Kazakhstan students accused in the United States of conspiring to destroy evidences in the Boston bombings case told about the conditions of their detention in the American jail.
09.08.2013 13:42 Crime
A federal grand jury in Boston indicted two college students from Kazakhstan on Thursday for allegedly impeding investigators pursuing the Boston Marathon bombers.
18.07.2013 18:15 Internet
A website owner has been arrested for posting an 11 minute video depicting an ex-porn actor's grisly killing and dismemberment of a 33-year-old Chinese student.
19.06.2013 16:27 Emergencies
Suspected Islamists shot dead nine students as they sat an exam in an attack on a private school in Maiduguri, northeast Nigeria.
27.05.2013 20:33 Politics
The U.S. embassy in Kazakhstan has refuted denying visas to Kazakhstan students.
27.05.2013 17:04 Crime
The date of the hearing of the case of Kazakhstan students accused of preventing justice in the Boston bombings case has still not been set.
27.05.2013 10:18 Politics
Around 40 students from Karaganda have been denied access to the U.S. under Work and Travel program.
24.05.2013 19:07 Crime
The father of Kazakhstan student Azamat Tazhayakov apprehended in Bosto says that FBI is going to review the Boston bombings case.
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