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17.04.2014 14:08 Emergencies
National shock at a ferry disaster that may have claimed the lives of hundreds of South Korean schoolchildren was mixed with fury Thursday at growing evidence that many passengers were denied a proper chance to escape the sinking vessel.
16.04.2014 21:53 Crime
Amir Ismagulov, the father of Azamat Tazhayakov, who is accused of obstructing justice in the Boston bombings case, has been denied a US visa and might not be able to attend his sons court hearings.
16.04.2014 12:22 Crime
Five students were stabbed to death in a rampage at a house party in Calgary, Canadian authorities said Tuesday, with the son of a police officer in custody.
14.04.2014 18:41 Health
More than 500 male students and staff were to give DNA samples in an unprecedented operation launched Monday to uncover who raped a 16-year-old girl in the toilets of a French school.
14.04.2014 17:27 Science, Technologies
A sophomore spacecraft inventor Nazifa Baktybayeva from Kazakhstan's Pavlodar is working on a real satellite.
10.04.2014 11:16 Crime
An American student brandishing two knives stabbed 20 teenagers and a security guard in a bloody rampage in the classrooms and hallways of a Pennsylvania high school Wednesday, officials said.
08.04.2014 15:26 Cinema, Music
13 y.o. Karaganda native Vladimir Sukhov won the international music competition in Rome, Italy
08.04.2014 10:45 Politics
Protesters said Monday they were considering ending their three-week occupation of Taiwan's parliament, after its Speaker intervened to try to end the standoff over a contentious services trade pact with China.
07.04.2014 10:00 Unrest
At least 44 people were injured and more than 100 were arrested after a California student street party turned into a huge brawl, police said.
02.04.2014 17:53 Politics
US Assistant Secretary of State Nisha Desai Biswal lectured at Eurasian National University in Astana.
21.03.2014 14:45 Unrest
Protesters barricaded themselves inside Taiwan's parliament for a third straight day, threatening "further action" if the government pushes ahead with its plans to ratify a contentious trade pact with China.
15.03.2014 13:06 Education
The Bolashak education scholarship issued in Kazakhstan has raised its bar for foreign languages.
14.03.2014 14:56 Education
Black students at Harvard University, appropriating a line from a celebrated African-American poet, are harnessing social media to challenge racial stereotypes -- and inspiring similar blogs across the Atlantic.
13.03.2014 12:51 Politics
At the Parliament meeting the amendments to the 2014 budget included increase of expenses on a number of state programs.
28.02.2014 17:06 Science, Technologies
Adilsultan Lepes, a student from Almaty, is publishing his book 'Alternative proof of 100 equations: Method of separating invariables' in St. Petersburg, Russia.
26.02.2014 15:00 Unrest
Suspected Boko Haram Islamists killed 43 people on Tuesday in an attack on secondary school students as they slept in the latest school massacre to hit Nigeria's troubled northeast.
18.02.2014 12:49 Emergencies
At least 10 people were killed and more than 100 injured when an auditorium packed with students collapsed at a resort near the southern South Korean city of Gyeongju.
14.02.2014 15:41 Unrest
About 2,000 students took the streets of the Venezuelan capital to protest the leftist government Thursday, a day after three people were shot dead and dozens injured.
09.02.2014 02:12 Entertainment, Style
Around one thousand students have gathered in Almaty to support Kazakhstan athletes participating in the 22th Winter Olympics in Sochi.
04.02.2014 17:27 Education
Kazakhstani high schooler Adilsultan Lepes has won a Russian math competition.
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