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23.07.2014 18:05 Politics
200 students and professors of the Nazarbayev University have met with Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping on June 24, 2014 in Beijing.
22.07.2014 11:44 Crime
The hearing of witnesses in Azamat Tazhayakov’s case came to an ended.
22.07.2014 11:31 Crime
Azamat Tazhayakov allegedly told FBI agents about Dzhokhar Tsarnayev’s dangerous inclinations.
19.07.2014 12:49 Crime
Bayan Kumiskali, girlfriend of Dias Kadyrbaeyv, has testified at the hearing of Azamat Tazhayakov’s case.
14.07.2014 22:32 People
Abay Kozhakhmetov from Almaty has won the first place in Tricking Pro nomination at Piter Street Games.
06.07.2014 13:18 Education
Nursultan Nazarbayev has unveiled a new block of the National Defense University in Astana, Kazakhstan.
03.07.2014 17:22 Science, Technologies
Gulsana Sisengaliyeva, a fourth year student at the Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Gumilyov Eurasian University in Astana discovered a new compound that she produced from wormwood.
01.07.2014 11:11 Science, Technologies
Zharas Alimkhanov, a student of Nazarbayev Intellectual School, and his team have won Through Glass international contest in Spain.
27.06.2014 02:46 Education
National Center of Science and Technical Information of Kazakhstan has drawn rather a dreary picture of the country’s academia: every 10th research work is plagiarized.
25.06.2014 10:42 Strange News
A college student in China leaped to his death after losing more than $3,000 gambling on the World Cup, state media reported.
12.06.2014 20:13 Science, Technologies
It is not easy for an Iranian to visit America. With no US embassy in Tehran since 1979, obtaining a visa usually requires two costly trips to Dubai or Turkey.
11.06.2014 11:48 Crime
A rifle-toting gunman killed a 14-year-old student at an Oregon high school Tuesday, the latest in a spate of US shootings that prompted a renewed warning from President Barack Obama.
04.06.2014 10:01 Crime
Kazakhstani student Dias Kadrybayev arrested in relation to the Boston bombings declared in court that due to his insufficient knowledge of English he was manipulated into making statements that discredited him and lead to his arrest.
28.05.2014 11:36 Crime
Thousands of students attended a memorial service Tuesday for the victims of a college shooting rampage, as the university declared a day of mourning.
24.05.2014 11:00 Emergencies
A blaze ripped through one of the world's top art schools in the Scottish city of Glasgow on Friday, damaging a historic building designed by the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
19.05.2014 18:39 Education
One third of Bolashak scholarship holders who were charged for academic failure appeal against the decision.
15.05.2014 10:37 Unrest
Venezuelan police arrested 105 people and fired tear gas at anti-government student protesters who hurled stones and fireworks Wednesday at a ministry building in the capital, officials said.
09.05.2014 18:15 Entertainment, Style
Big Love Fest was held in Almaty for the fourth time as a celebration of the Kozy-Korpesh and Bayan-Sulu Day, a Kazakh version of the Valentine's Day.
24.04.2014 10:22 Emergencies
Three students, aged between 18 and 20, were killed and another four injured after a wall collapsed at the University of Minho in Braga, northern Portugal, emergency services announced.
23.04.2014 00:30 Emergencies
The confirmed death toll from South Korea's ferry disaster crossed 100 on Tuesday, as dive teams, under growing pressure from bereaved relatives, accelerated the grim task of recovering hundreds more bodies from the submerged vessel.
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