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28.04.2014 15:51 Industry, Infrastructure
An upgraded version of Russian launch vehicle Proton-M has taken off early today from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan carrying Kazakh telecommunications satellite KazSat-3 and Russian relay satellite Luch-5V.
19.04.2014 14:40 Science, Technologies
Private US firm SpaceX launched its unmanned Dragon capsule to the International Space Station on Friday, its third trip carrying supplies and equipment to the orbiting lab.
14.04.2014 17:27 Science, Technologies
A sophomore spacecraft inventor Nazifa Baktybayeva from Kazakhstan's Pavlodar is working on a real satellite.
26.03.2014 15:30 Science, Technologies
A fridge-sized robot lab hurtling through the Solar System aboard a European probe is about to wake from hibernation and prepare for the first-ever landing by a spacecraft on a comet.
14.12.2013 11:46 Science, Technologies
A space module carrying China's first lunar rover is scheduled to land on the moon Saturday evening, state media said, in a huge step for the Asian superpower's ambitious space programme.
16.11.2013 11:32 Science, Technologies
What happened to the water on Mars? How did the Red Planet's atmosphere become so thin over time? NASA's MAVEN probe is scheduled to launch Monday on a mission to find out.
15.11.2013 01:35 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan is planning to launch a scientific spacecraft in 2023.
12.11.2013 14:46 Science, Technologies
India's Mars spacecraft suffered a brief engine failure Monday as scientists tried to move it into a higher orbit around Earth, but controllers denied any setback to the ambitious low-cost mission.
08.11.2013 19:54 Emergencies
The wrecks found in Kyzyorda Oblast in southern Kazakhstan do not belong to any space equipment.
06.11.2013 18:36 Emergencies
Kazakhstan experts have checked the spacecraft wreckage near Baikonur Cosmodrome for excessive radiation background and found none.
05.11.2013 16:37 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan has offered Kyrgyzstan to use its KazSat communication satellites together.
26.06.2013 16:01 Science, Technologies
China completed its longest manned space mission Wednesday as its Shenzhou-10 spacecraft and three crew members safely returned to Earth.
05.09.2012 14:33 Science, Technologies
NASA's Voyager 1, launched in 1977, is nearing the edge of the solar system and may already be "dancing on the edge" of outer space, the scientists behind the project said Tuesday.
11.08.2012 11:39 Science, Technologies
NASA's experimental moon lander crashed and burst into flames seconds after takeoff Thursday due to a hardware fault, the US space agency said, prompting an investigation but no casualties.
03.07.2012 10:04 Science, Technologies
A Russian Soyuz capsule carrying three astronauts on Sunday landed on schedule in the Kazakh steppe, the Russian mission control said.
24.06.2011 10:11 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan and Belarus might unite their remote Earth-sensing satellites and use their data jointly. Space technologies “are becoming a tool for solving economic tasks,” Moldabekov.
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