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25.07.2013 17:18 Politics
Australia's tropical Northern Territory presented an unusual gift to Britain's new royal baby, Prince George, a crocodile.
25.07.2013 15:01 People
Britain's press on Thursday gave their seal of approval to Prince William and his wife Kate's decision to name their newborn baby boy George Alexander Louis, saying it had "kingly authority".
24.07.2013 11:37 People
Britain's Prince William, his wife Kate and their newborn baby son were spending their first day at home as a family Wednesday, a day after the royal couple showed off the future monarch to the world.
23.07.2013 11:40 People
Prince William, his wife Kate and their new son spent their first night together on Monday after it was earlier announced that Britain had a new future king.
22.07.2013 17:20 Politics
Crown Prince Philippe ascended to the Belgian throne amid fanfare and festivity Sunday after his father Albert 11's abdicaton, and vowed to prevent the breakup of a nation split by language and history.
16.07.2013 15:33 People
Britain's Prince Charles joked Monday that his son Prince William's baby was "hopefully" on the way, but wife Camilla went further, saying it could arrive "by the end of the week".
11.07.2013 18:02 Strange News
A name can influence everything from your school grades and career choice to who you marry and where you live.
06.07.2013 15:49 People
Even before the birth of the new British royal baby to Prince William and his wife Kate, genealogists are looking into its family tree, and are coming up with many surprises.
04.07.2013 14:06 People
As Prince William's wife Catherine prepares to give birth to a new heir to the throne, she faces renewed comparisons with her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, whom she never met.
02.07.2013 11:55 People
Will it be a girl called Alexandra, or a boy called Wayne? No one outside Buckingham Palace knows but it has not stopped punters from around the world betting on Britain's royal baby.
21.06.2013 10:02 People
The sex of Prince William and his wife Catherine's baby will remain a mystery until its expected arrival in mid-July, with the mother likely to opt for a natural delivery.
15.06.2013 13:11 People
An oak cradle designed to resemble a Gothic cathedral is headed from Poland to London for the July birth of the first child of Prince William and his wife Kate.
10.06.2013 15:51 People
Queen Elizabeth II's husband Prince Philip will on Monday celebrate his 92nd birthday in the London hospital where is recovering from exploratory abdominal surgery.
07.06.2013 16:23 Politics
Prince Philip, the 91-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth II, will on Friday undergo "exploratory" surgery at a London hospital.
07.06.2013 10:00 Politics
In their plush Manhattan apartment, Sweden's Princess Madeleine and her future husband, Anglo-American Christopher O'Neill, live a life far away from the Swedish throne.
20.05.2013 19:05 Politics
An elderly New Zealand anti-royalist was fined Monday over a plan to hurl manure at Britain's Prince Charles and his wife Camilla during their visit to Auckland last year.
11.05.2013 12:34 People
Held a virtual prisoner by the Bolsheviks months before his execution, Russia's last tsar Nicholas II pasted informal snapshots of his family into an album which has now come to light in a Russian provincial museum.
10.05.2013 11:02 People
Britain's Prince Harry broke hearts in Washington's corridors of power Thursday, showing more interest in landmines than in the excited fans who greeted him at the start of a week-long US visit.
30.04.2013 16:05 Politics
Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander becomes Europe's youngest monarch on Tuesday when his mother, Queen Beatrix, abdicates and his country hails the avowedly 21st-century king with a massive, orange-hued party.
27.04.2013 10:06 Politics
Maxima, the Argentine-born future queen of the Netherlands, has worked hard to win over Dutch hearts and is immensely popular despite her father's murky role in his country's military junta.
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