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15.05.2015 16:48 Politics
Britain's Prince Harry met current and former All Blacks during his tour of New Zealand and was presented with a jersey from the reigning world champions.
05.05.2015 10:13 Entertainment, Style
Prince William and his wife Kate's new baby daughter, named as Princess Charlotte, was born fourth in line to inherit the British throne.
04.05.2015 12:52 Entertainment, Style
Royal watchers around the world waited to discover the name of the two-day-old British princess born to Prince William and his wife Kate.
02.05.2015 17:29 People
The birth of Britain's royal baby girl is a cause for celebration not just across the Commonwealth realms but also for campaigners.
02.05.2015 15:22 Entertainment, Style
Prince William's wife Kate was admitted to hospital in London in labour with the couple's eagerly-awaited second child.
27.04.2015 20:25 Politics
Prince Harry seems set to miss the birth of his niece or nephew when he flies back to Australia, as his sister-in-law Kate waits to go into labour.
24.04.2015 17:55 People
Punters are placing all manner of wacky bets on Britain's royal baby, chancing their cash on everything.
14.04.2015 15:35 People
The birth of Prince William and his wife Kate's second baby will cap a momentous four years for Britain's golden couple.
08.04.2015 15:41 Politics
Spain's King Felipe VI called for "peace and harmony" in Lebanon on a visit that will take him to the country's troubled border.
08.04.2015 14:33 Crime
A US judge has struck from the record "lurid" allegations by a woman who said she was forced into sexual relations with Britain's Prince Andrew when she was 17.
07.04.2015 15:26 People
Prince Harry has warned Australians against taking a "selfie" with him during his one-month stint Down Under, saying he much prefers normal photographs.
28.03.2015 12:48 People
The stone tomb covering the grave of Richard III was unveiled, the last act in the reburial of the 15th-century king found beneath a car park.
27.03.2015 12:19 Politics
Britain's top court ruled that secret letters from Prince Charles to government ministries should be published, in a potential setback for the monarch.
26.03.2015 15:26 People
England's slain king Richard III, exhumed from an undignified grave beneath a car park, will finally be buried with honour on.
31.01.2015 14:00 Entertainment, Style
A new biography of Britain's Prince Charles reveals how his inner circle is riven with backstabbing and infighting.
26.01.2015 15:53 Politics
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott marked his country's national day by honouring Britain's Prince Philip with a knighthood.
09.12.2014 10:12 Politics
Crowds of jubilant royal watchers cheered as Britain's Prince William and his pregnant wife Kate arrived in New York, kicking off a three-day trip to the East Coast.
03.12.2014 14:21 Entertainment, Style
Tens of thousands of people were offered a rare -- but congested -- glimpse of Japan's exclusive Imperial Palace grounds in Tokyo.
27.11.2014 11:14 Cinema, Music
Prince William revealed that he and his wife Kate are fans of hit US television series "Homeland" as he awarded its British star Damian Lewis a royal honour.
22.09.2014 12:08 People
Prince William revealed his competitive side, challenging youngsters in Malta to a game of table football and a quick round on the Play Station.
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