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22.01.2014 13:20 Laws, Initiatives
Six same-sex couples filed suit against the US state of Florida Tuesday for refusing to let them marry.
16.01.2014 13:10 Politics
Egyptian voters overwhelmingly backed a new constitution that paves the way for the army chief to run for president, early results showed Thursday, but turnout figures will provide a key measure of his popularity.
14.01.2014 17:07 Politics
Egyptians vote for a new constitution Tuesday in a referendum seen as a test of support for a presidential bid by army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, almost seven months after he toppled Mohamed Morsi.
09.12.2013 12:07 Politics
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro faced a big test Sunday as municipal polls, seen as a referendum on his performance amid soaring crime, high inflation and household shortages, closed.
28.11.2013 14:39 Religion
After six years together, Hana and Iva both decided they had met "the one" -- but the Croatian couple's dream of getting married and having children risks being derailed by a referendum to outlaw same-sex marriage.
07.10.2013 01:20 Politics
Cash-strapped Ireland voted in a referendum on Friday on whether to back Prime Minister Enda Kenny's controversial proposals to abolish the upper house of parliament.
19.09.2013 17:03 Politics
Voting for Scottish independence is "common sense", the leader of the movement to break away from the United Kingdom insisted a year to the day before Scotland votes in a referendum.
13.06.2013 16:43 Unrest
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he would consider holding a referendum on plans to redevelop an Istanbul park that have sparked nationwide protests.
14.05.2013 13:26 Laws, Initiatives
Britain's Conservative Party will on Tuesday propose laws to force an in-out referendum on the country's membership of the European Union to be held by the end of 2017.
28.03.2013 18:11 Politics
Poles will have to okay eurozone entry in a referendum, a senior minister said Wednesday, echoing the prime minister's recent endorsement of a public vote on joining the unpopular currency union.
27.01.2013 14:08 Politics
Britain would vote to quit the European Union if Prime Minister David Cameron's promised referendum was held today.
25.01.2013 18:11 Politics
Polls indicate that Bulgarians will on Sunday vote "yes" to a second nuclear power plant in a referendum, in a closely watched contest between the government and the opposition ahead of elections in July.
25.01.2013 13:34 Politics
British Prime Minister David Cameron faces a frosty reception from the global elite at the annual Davos meeting on Thursday after his vow to hold a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU.
24.12.2012 12:31 Laws, Initiatives
Egypt's opposition said on Sunday it will appeal a referendum seen as voting in a new constitution backed by ruling Islamists, and vowed to keep up a struggle that has spawned weeks of protests and instability.
23.12.2012 11:42 Politics
Egyptians voted on Saturday in the final round of a referendum on a new constitution championed by President Mohamed Morsi and his Islamist allies against fierce protests from the secular-leaning opposition.
11.12.2012 17:31 Unrest
Egypt is bracing for rival protests in Cairo on Tuesday over a bitterly divisive referendum on a new constitution, prompting President Mohamed Morsi to order the army to help "preserve security".
07.12.2012 17:29 Unrest
Egypt's Islamist President Mohamed Morsi has defied calls to curb his sweeping powers or suspend proposed changes to the constitution.
17.10.2012 12:19 Politics
Britain's prime minister and Scotland's first minister have fired the starting gun on a two-year campaign for the hearts and minds of Scottish voters ahead of an independence referendum to be held in 2014.
04.10.2012 12:21 Politics
Cash-strapped Zimbabwe's electoral commission needs $104 million to organise a referendum on a new constitution that would pave way for a vote on a successor to the country's shaky coalition government.
24.09.2012 17:38 Laws, Initiatives
Two-thirds of Swiss voters rejected a referendum Sunday to tighten a smoking ban, to the relief of hotels and restaurants, while two cantons split in a vote over keeping tax breaks for rich foreigners.
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