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26.07.2014 14:26 Politics
Slovakia's President Andrej Kiska has given his first month's salary to 10 impoverished families, some coping with serious illness, a spokesman said.
26.07.2014 10:46 Unrest
The United States on Thursday threw its weight behind the newly elected president of Iraq, Fuad Masum, and urged him to form a "cohesive government" to help fight Islamic militants.
21.07.2014 21:48 Cinema, Music
Director of La Scala ballet company Makhar Vaziev has invited to soloists of Astana Opera to perform in Italy.
21.07.2014 16:23 Politics
Nurusltan Nazarbayev has summarized the results of the implementation of the first 5 years of the State Program of Accelerated Industrial and Innovative Development.
21.07.2014 11:25 Politics
Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived Sunday in Venezuela, the third leg of a Latin American tour aimed at bolstering trade with the region and sealing energy deals.
18.07.2014 20:17 Crime
Tengrinews reporters decided to conduct a small experiment to check if shop assistants followed the new law that prohibits alcohol sales after 9 p.m.
16.07.2014 12:42 Politics
Vladimir Putin has signed the Law On Ratification of the Agreement on good-neighborliness and alliance in the XXI century.
10.07.2014 23:37 Politics
According to the Central Bank Governor, the real GDP growth in the Q1 2014 stood at 3.8%.
09.07.2014 11:11 Politics
Astana city has celebrated its 16th anniversary since its official presentation as capital of Kazakhstan.
08.07.2014 10:37 Politics
Former Georgian president Eduard Shevardnadze, who helped end the Cold War as the Soviet Union's last foreign minister, died Monday aged 86, with tributes pouring in from friends and foes.
06.07.2014 13:18 Education
Nursultan Nazarbayev has unveiled a new block of the National Defense University in Astana, Kazakhstan.
04.07.2014 10:43 Politics
Public authorities have disclosed the details of Kazakhstani-Mexican cooperation.
30.06.2014 10:58 Military
South Korean President Park Geun-Hye apologised Monday for a deadly front-line shooting rampage by an army conscript and called for a close look at abuses in barracks.
26.06.2014 14:33 Politics
After two failed attempts to appoint a new prime minister, South Korean President Park Geun-Hye announced Thursday her "agonised" decision to retain the incumbent who resigned over April's ferry disaster.
26.06.2014 13:30 Politics
Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis doesn't want his name on plaques at public works or his portrait hung in public offices.
20.06.2014 18:40 Politics
President Nazarbayev has discussed prospects and development of bilateral cooperation with the King of Jordan Abdullah II.
20.06.2014 15:25 Politics
King of Jordan Abdullah II and Crown Prince of Jordan Hussein bin Al Abdullah arrived to Astana on an official visit on June 19.
19.06.2014 18:18 Politics
New Akim (Mayor) of Atyrau has been appointed
19.06.2014 13:50 Politics
Citizens of either country may enter the other country’s territory without applying for a visa if their intended sojourn doesn’t exceed one month.
18.06.2014 00:39 Environment
Despite Kazakhstan’s huge tourism potential, Kazakhstani tourism is not being developed properly.