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02.09.2014 15:19 Politics
The statement must have been taken out of context, or it was an impromptu, rather than a carefully prepared statement. I believe it is wrong to say there was no statehood in Kazakhstan: Maulen Ashimbayev.
02.09.2014 13:21 Politics
Reciprocal sanctions imposed by countries responsible for a total of 60% of the global GDP entail substantial adjustments and changes to long-established economic ties. This leads to a slowdown of partner economies, having a certain effect on us, he said.
02.09.2014 12:58 Politics
According to him, efforts to enforce the industrialization programme, planned launch of new industrial enterprises, new jobs, and all the programs to ensure decent healthcare services, affordable housing, education opportunities (…) all these initiatives should keep on working.
02.09.2014 11:45 Politics
Incumbent D.Rousseff, now trailing top rival M. Silva in Brazil's presidential race by 10 percent, went on the offensive in a televised debate.
30.08.2014 22:22 Politics
Kazakhstan is celebrating the Constitution Day and will enjoy three days off for the holiday this year on August 30, 31, and September 1.
30.08.2014 14:37 Politics
Pussy Riot called on Australia to withdraw its invitation to President Vladimir Putin to attend this year's G20 summit.
30.08.2014 02:51 Politics
Efforts we have been taking to launch the Customs Union, the Single Economic Space have been based on his ideas. It was he who came up with the idea of the Eurasian Union: Putin about Nazarbayev.
29.08.2014 10:15 Politics
Turkey's outgoing premier Erdogan was sworn in as president, as opponents who accuse him of authoritarianism stormed out of the ceremony.
28.08.2014 12:00 Politics
Popular environmentalist Marina Silva has shaken up Brazil's presidential election since her sudden entry into the race.
27.08.2014 23:16 Politics
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko sees a great potential for an increase of goods turnover between Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
27.08.2014 14:58 Unrest
One of the two candidates boycotted the UN-supervised vote audit set up to end a prolonged dispute over the rightful winner.
27.08.2014 13:56 Politics
The leader of the anti-EU UKIP Nigel Farage is to run for parliament in Britain's 2015 election.
27.08.2014 00:56 Politics
There should be a peaceful respite to save lives of innocent women and children that have become hostages of the military opposition. We are calling the sides to cease fire: President Nazarbayev.
27.08.2014 00:08 Politics
Kazakhstan and Ukraine have always been maintaining friendly ties. In the recent years the two nations have launched a number of JVs and are working on joint projects: President Nazarbayev.
26.08.2014 10:23 Politics
Turkey's President Abdullah Gul moves out of the presidential palace in Ankara on Thursday.
25.08.2014 13:22 Politics
According to him, escalation of the situation in Ukraine and the ensuing sanctions are to have an adverse effect on the Eurasian Economic Union.
25.08.2014 12:58 Politics
Kazakhstan might follow Ukraine’s scenario should it ban all the languages other than Kazakh: President Nazarbayev.
24.08.2014 20:44 Politics
President Nursultan Nazarbayev has introduced the new Akim (Governor) of Almaty Oblast during his official visit.
22.08.2014 15:01 Politics
Chinese President told Mongolia that Beijing respected its independence and integrity as he concluded a visit looking to forge closer ties.
22.08.2014 15:01 Industry, Infrastructure
The new railway links will give an impetus to development of the Central and West Kazakhstan, contributing to industrial development of the country’s regions and creating a total of 3500 jobs.