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19.11.2014 14:39 Politics
Barack Obama has only two years left in office but he is not ready to slow down.
28.10.2014 14:19 Politics
Brazilian President must now deliver on her pledge to crack down on corruption or be dogged by the scandals that nearly derailed her campaign.
27.10.2014 13:13 Politics
Brazil's leftist President Dilma Rousseff called for national unity after winning reelection in a bitterly fought race that divided the country.
24.10.2014 15:08 Politics
Brazilian football idol Neymar voiced support for presidential challenger Aecio Neves, just three days before this weekend's election run-off.
24.10.2014 12:27 Politics
Brazil's leftist President Dilma Rousseff is gaining ground over center-right challenger Aecio Neves.
21.10.2014 12:31 Politics
Two new polls showed incumbent Dilma Rousseff fractionally ahead of rival Aecio Neves in a race that is still too close to call.
17.10.2014 10:02 Politics
Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff fell ill at the end of a tense and at times bitter televised debate Thursday with challenger Aecio Neves.
16.10.2014 15:01 Politics
President Vladimir Putin accused US counterpart Barack Obama of a hostile attitude towards Russia, warning against "attempts to blackmail" Moscow.
16.10.2014 14:18 Politics
Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko in Milan on Friday, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said.
16.10.2014 14:05 Politics
Hillary Clinton hits the campaign trail to support a Democratic Senate hopeful, one of several events that could offer sneak peeks at her 2016 presidential aspirations.
15.10.2014 15:33 Politics
Mozambique heads to the polls a tough test for Frelimo, the party that has ruled the resource-rich country since independence in 1975.
13.10.2014 14:36 Politics
Nationalist candidates of Bosnia's Croats, Muslims and Serbs were ahead in the race for the country's tripartite presidency.
11.10.2014 10:52 Politics
President Barack Obama is considering shutting Guantanamo and transferring its terror-suspect detainees to US soil.
10.10.2014 14:39 Politics
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un apparently missed a key political event, extending a month-long absence.
10.10.2014 13:28 Unrest
Turkish President Recep vowed that the peace process with Kurdish rebels would not be derailed by "sabotage".
08.10.2014 14:32 Politics
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett said Tuesday he would bet money on Hillary Clinton becoming the next president of the United States.
06.10.2014 14:11 Politics
Brazilian President is set to face Social Democrat Aecio Neves in a run-off election, leaving popular environmentalist Marina Silva out of the race.
04.10.2014 15:03 Politics
Brazil's presidential elections are likely to be the closest in a generation, but polls suggest leftist incumbent Dilma Rousseff will secure a second term after a run-off.
03.10.2014 15:27 People
Hillary Clinton, widely expected to run for the US presidency in 2016, had a grandmotherly glow as she encouraged women to take risks.
22.09.2014 15:09 Politics
Former finance minister Ashraf Ghani was declared Afghanistan's next president.
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