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16.10.2015 16:37 Politics
A longtime close aide to Hillary Clinton will testify behind closed doors before a controversial congressional committee probing a deadly 2012 attack on a US mission in Libya
15.10.2015 15:51 Politics
Hillary Clinton bested her challengers in the campaign's first Democratic presidential debate, but her biggest accomplishment may have been to neutralize a potential rival who was not even on stage.
14.10.2015 16:17 Politics
Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was not about to let Democrats steal the limelight in their first 2016 debate.
14.10.2015 15:54 Politics
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff won a temporary reprieve from threatened impeachment thanks to a Supreme Court intervention.
12.10.2015 16:40 Politics
Jeb Bush appears to have paid the price in the eyes of Republican voters for a number of gaffes that included him saying in the aftermath of a college massacre that "stuff happens."
12.10.2015 14:47 Politics
President Barack Obama is fairly certain of one thing when it comes to next year's election: Donald Trump won't succeed him in the White House.
12.10.2015 12:25 Politics
Republican US presidential frontrunner Donald Trump branded Angela Merkel's welcoming of migrants to Germany "insane" and said the policy will only spark riots in the country.
09.10.2015 16:16 Politics
President Barack Obama denounced the immigration policies of leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a speech to Latino political leaders.
08.10.2015 12:56 Politics
Vice President Joe Biden, who has spent months mulling whether to jump into the 2016 White House race, received strong encouragement when a pro-Biden group released a TV ad urging him to run.
07.10.2015 16:38 Politics
Former US president Bill Clinton attributed outspoken Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump's current success in surveys to his skills as a 'master brander' but said his appeal could be short-lived.
03.10.2015 16:13 Politics
Republican White House frontrunner Donald Trump has backed out of an appearance at the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
01.10.2015 16:14 Politics
Republican US presidential front-runner Donald Trump said that he would send thousands of Syrian refugees back to their home country if he is elected in November.
29.09.2015 11:09 Politics
Leading Republican White House hopeful Donald Trump said he would eliminate taxes for millions of lower-income Americans.
22.09.2015 13:41 Politics
The Republican contender Ben Carson ignited a storm of controversy at the weekend, by stating that he saw Islam as incompatible with the charge of head of state.
21.09.2015 17:31 Politics
Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson said no Muslim should be president of the United States, adding a new twist to a controversy roiling the party's White House nominating race.
18.09.2015 15:28 Politics
Had the boy's metal belt buckle not stopped the blade, Carson would probably be in prison. Instead, he is running for president of the United States.
17.09.2015 16:50 Politics
Hillary Clinton ventured into the playful but politically appealing world of after-hours US TV night and could not help but talk about, who else? The Donald.
15.09.2015 12:25 Politics
US President Barack Obama travelled to the political battleground state of Iowa, bringing a pro-middle class message that Democrats hope will resonate in the 2016 election.
12.09.2015 13:54 Politics
Former Texas governor Rick Perry dropped out of the US presidential race, becoming the first casualty in a crowded battle for the Republican Party nomination in 2016.
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