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19.01.2013 16:45 Unrest
Gunmen in southeast Yemen have blown up an oil pipeline that transports some 8,000 barrels per day to export terminals on the Gulf of Aden, suspending operations.
26.12.2012 12:43 Politics
I think that Russians just don’t want to go to China: Samruk-Kazyna Managing Director.
26.12.2012 11:57 Industry, Infrastructure
The plan is to provide gas supply to Kazakhstan’s northern cities by construction of Kartaly-Tobol-Kokshetau-Astana gas pipeline: Samruk-Kazyna.
25.12.2012 15:13 Markets
Iraq and Jordan agreed on Monday to extend an oil pipeline to the Red Sea city of Aqaba for the export of Iraqi crude, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said after a fleeting visit to Amman.
21.12.2012 17:46 Emergencies
Oil spilled from Gran-Martyshi pipeline in Issatai region of Kazakhstan’s Atyrau oblast.
06.11.2012 16:47 Industry, Infrastructure
Commercial talks are underway between China and Kazakhstan: KazTransOil head.
05.11.2012 18:23 Industry, Infrastructure
Japan is considering a $5.0 billion pipeline stretching from Russia's far east to an industrial hub near Tokyo, as it eyes new energy supplies following the Fukushima crisis.
08.10.2012 15:10 Markets
According to Russia’s Izvestiya newspaper, further implementation of the current taxation scheme may lead to Russia missing out on tax revenues of up to $ 1 billion a year.
02.10.2012 12:00 Industry, Infrastructure
The launching of construction of Almaty-Taldykorgan gas pipeline has been held near Uzynagash village in Almaty oblast.
02.10.2012 11:59 Industry, Infrastructure
Construction of Almaty-Taldykorgan gas pipeline is very significant for further development of the region’s infrastructure: Governor.
04.09.2012 01:07 Markets
The current carrying capacities of all the Kazakhstan’s export oil pipelines stand at 66 million tons a year.
27.08.2012 16:53 Markets
However, there is no information of any certain deals between Russian and Chinese companies on oil supplies.
28.06.2012 22:53 Emergencies
A crater of around 6 meters in diameter has appeared in Almaty in a heat pipeline blowout.
22.06.2012 17:57 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan President has signed several laws on regulation of trunk pipelines in Kazakhstan.
26.03.2012 17:48 Emergencies
Seven cars were damaged in Almaty with a heat pipeline rapture.
06.03.2012 15:34 Markets
A gas pipeline will be built from Kostanai oblast going through Kokshetau and to Astana.
15.02.2012 11:59 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan Minister of Oil and Gas talked about work to bring gas to central regions of Kazakhstan.
26.01.2012 11:14 Industry, Infrastructure
Administration of Akmola Oblast has asked Karim Massimov to lay a gas pipeline in the region to save the environment of a resort zone.
05.01.2012 16:07 Emergencies
Elite residential buildings and palaces of Astana were left without water because of a pipeline damage.
07.10.2011 11:36 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan does not have the necessary resources to fill the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline.
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