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16.06.2014 18:59 Industry, Infrastructure
European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso declared that EU will resume the development of the Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline (TCP).
30.04.2014 09:25 Industry, Infrastructure
The sides have agreed to expand cooperation in geological exploration of hydrocarbons in Kazakhstan.
27.03.2014 12:46 Companies
KazTransOil will increase oil pumping tariffs on exported oil starting from April.
14.01.2014 10:17 Companies
Chinese state-owned oil giant Sinopec will pay compensation over a November pipeline explosion at its facility in the city of Qingdao that killed dozens of people and caused losses of more than $100 million.
10.01.2014 10:21 Emergencies
An official inquiry blames China's state-owned oil giant Sinopec and local authorities in the city of Qingdao for a November pipeline explosion that killed 62 people, state media reported Thursday.
26.12.2013 13:32 Industry, Infrastructure
Experts are expected to release their statements on the condition of malfunctioning pipelines at the Kashagan field in mid-January 2014.
06.12.2013 14:32 Industry, Infrastructure
Oil production at the Kashagan field in Kazakhstan is going to be restarted only in 2014, after full inspection of all the pipelines.
03.12.2013 10:49 Emergencies
The final death toll from an oil pipeline explosion in the Chinese coastal city of Qingdao is 62.
27.11.2013 17:53 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan Agency for Regulation of Natural Monopolies (Anti-Monopoly Agency) has approved new tariffs on oil pumping through the KazTransOil pipeline.
25.11.2013 17:29 Industry, Infrastructure
Construction began on Sunday for the Serbian stretch of Russia's South Stream pipeline which will bring Russian gas directly to Europe, making it less vulnerable to price disputes.
13.11.2013 11:50 Industry, Infrastructure
Production from the Kashagan oilfield was not taken into consideration when the 2013 Kazakhstan state budget was made, so it will not affect the planned budget revenues.
21.10.2013 18:27 Industry, Infrastructure
A pipeline pumping natural gas from Myanmar to energy-hungry China has gone fully operational.
08.10.2013 19:43 Industry, Infrastructure
We currently transport over 63 billion cubic meters of gas to China via two strings of this pipeline. Construction of the third string has started and it is scheduled to be launched in 2016: Sauat Mynbayev.
26.09.2013 18:25 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan Parliament has ratified the agreement between Kazakhstan and Chinese governments on cooperation during development and exploitation of Kazakhstan-China oil pipeline.
26.09.2013 16:58 Emergencies
A small content of gas was discovered in the air during a check of the ground gas pipeline 2km from Bolashak oil treatment plant in Atyrau oblast.
24.09.2013 21:23 Industry, Infrastructure
There will be as few foreign workers at the Kazakhstan-China oil pipeline as possible.
18.09.2013 21:00 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan is negotiating gas supplies to Astana with Russia.
09.09.2013 19:34 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev and Chinese President Xi Jinping have launched Beineu-Bozoi pipeline.
05.09.2013 23:50 Industry, Infrastructure
The number of users along the pipeline and regional networks are not large enough to consume this gas. That's why we had to slash the project from 6 to 3 billion cubic meters of gas: Bishimbayev.
02.08.2013 18:14 Industry, Infrastructure
TransCanada announced plans Thursday for the construction of a $12 billion pipeline to carry oil from the Alberta oil sands to the Atlantic seaboard.
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