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23.01.2013 20:22 Finance
Nursultan Nazarbayev has suggested creating a single pension fund in Kazakhstan.
28.12.2012 18:08 Finance
Kazakhstan government has signed a decree raising pensions by 9 percent starting from January, 2013.
26.12.2012 13:57 Politics
Kazakhstan Majilis deputy from the Communist party Vladislav Kossarev has doubts about Kazakhstan’s pension system.
12.12.2012 12:40 Finance
As of December 1, 2012 the average retirement allowance stands at $257.
21.11.2012 17:02 Politics
We have to admit the country’s pension system has faced a crisis. Peniosn funds are ineffective in managing the money. Inflation is eating the accumulations, a Majilisman believes.
15.10.2012 17:52 Unrest
Besides adopting a resolution - Say no to raising retirement age! Fire Marchenko! - the protestors also target private pension funds in Kazakhstan.
17.09.2012 15:43 Finance
Earlier reported that Mr. Marchenko doesn’t support the World Bank’s suggestion on launching a single pension fund.
20.07.2012 18:18 Finance
Ontario Securities Commission filed quasi-charges to a businessman in alleged fraud involving Kazakhstan pension fund.
22.05.2012 17:27 Finance
A new concept of the pension accumulation system is being allegedly developed through merging all the current pension funds into a single state-owned fund to be managed by a foreign company.
16.05.2012 08:54 Finance
Mr. Marchenko emphasized that Kazakhstan needs to think of public private partnerships to launch investment projects inside the country.
10.05.2012 10:57 People
81.1 percent of the polled citizens do not support the initiative of raising women's retirement age to 63.
07.05.2012 11:58 Finance
According to an unidentified source, the suggestion of launching a single state-owned pension fund was put forward by the World Bank.
27.01.2012 13:22 Finance
Heads of some pension funds manage the money as if it were their own and serve interests of shareholders: Nazarbayev.
03.01.2012 19:03 Finance
Pensions have been increased by 9% starting from January 2012 in Kazakhstan.
28.11.2011 17:56 Laws, Initiatives
Around 17 billion tenge ($116 million) has been accumulated on pension accounts. And they are not being used in any way.
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