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03.01.2014 13:03 Emergencies
A fire near a central Tokyo station threw parts of Japan's bullet train system into chaos on Friday, as tens of thousands of passengers tried to return home from New Year holidays.
31.12.2013 16:36 Gadgets
The Philippines' civil aviation authority said Tuesday it would allow passengers to use mobile phones and laptops to make calls and access the Internet during flights.
28.12.2013 13:57 Emergencies
A fire on an overnight train killed at least 23 people Saturday in southern India as it ripped through a carriage packed with sleeping passengers, local television networks reported.
24.12.2013 10:42 Emergencies
A British Airways airplane carrying 202 people struck an office building at Johannesburg's OR Tambo International Airport with its wing while taxiing for take-off Sunday, injuring four.
27.11.2013 17:03 Emergencies
About 30 Haitian migrants died after an overloaded freighter capsized in the Bahamas and 110 others were rescued in rough seas, the US Coast Guard said Tuesday.
18.11.2013 02:09 Emergencies
A Boeing 737 operated by a Russian airline crashed on Sunday while attempting to land in the city of Kazan, killing all 50 on board.
17.08.2013 11:44 Emergencies
Philippine rescuers searched Saturday for more than 200 people missing after a ferry collided with a cargo ship in thick darkness and sank almost instantly
17.07.2013 12:41 Companies
A group of 83 passengers aboard an Asiana Airlines flight which crash-landed in San Francisco has filed a lawsuit seeking millions from the aircraft's manufacturer Boeing.
01.02.2013 10:03 Companies
Singapore's Changi Airport said Thursday it had enjoyed its busiest year in 2012, handling a record 51.2 million passengers, underscoring its position as a regional aviation hub.
08.10.2012 10:46 Markets
Chairman of Kazakhstan's Civil Aviation Commission gave statistics of passenger air traffic in Kazakhstan.
20.06.2012 19:33 Industry, Infrastructure
The routes and locations of bus stations will be reviewed in line with the general plans of the cities of Kazakhstan.
12.06.2012 10:53 Industry, Infrastructure
The aircrafts land on worndown runways exposing passengers to danger in Kostanay, Petropavlovsk, Semey, Taldykorgan and Taraz: MP.
17.01.2012 13:24 Industry, Infrastructure
Transport and Communications Institute plans to introduce a satellite monitoring system to check bus routes timekeeping.
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