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29.04.2014 12:23 Emergencies
A passenger plane carrying 93 people landed safely at Perth Airport on Tuesday despite an engine fire that erupted shortly after take-off, officials said.
25.04.2014 23:35 Emergencies
A drunk passenger sparked a hijacking alert on a Virgin Australia flight heading for the Indonesian resort island of Bali Friday when he attempted to break into the cockpit, officials said.
25.04.2014 12:51 Emergencies
A meeting between relatives of Chinese passengers aboard missing flight MH370 and Malaysia Airlines staff descended into chaos Thursday, with police stepping in to separate both sides amid angry scenes in a Beijing hotel.
22.04.2014 14:21 Companies
Shandong Airlines, one of China's smaller carriers, said it has agreed to buy 50 passenger planes from US manufacturer Boeing for $4.6 billion, in another sign of the country's growing demand for air travel.
21.04.2014 14:16 Emergencies
A passenger bus plunged into a ravine after leaving a Malaysian island resort, killing a British man and injuring 40 others, mostly foreign tourists, police said.
16.04.2014 11:48 Emergencies
South Korea despatched coastguard vessels and helicopters Wednesday to rescue around 450 passengers -- mostly high school students -- on a ferry sinking off the southern coast, officials said.
05.04.2014 14:18 Emergencies
A landslide triggered by heavy rain derailed a train as it travelled through Indonesia's main island of Java on Friday, leaving five people dead, an official said.
03.04.2014 14:17 Companies
German airline Lufthansa, which is currently battling the biggest strike in its history, expects normal services to be up and running on Saturday, its chief executive said.
01.04.2014 14:28 Companies
Lufthansa, Germany's biggest airline, said Monday it will be forced to cancel most of its flights later this week, grounding as many as 425,000 passengers, due to a pilots' strike.
24.03.2014 12:39 Emergencies
Aircraft from several nations swarmed over the southern Indian Ocean Monday as the search for a missing Malaysian passenger plane was energised with mounting evidence of floating objects suspected to be linked to the plane.
19.03.2014 16:29 Emergencies
In the age of smartphones and social media, one question surrounding the disappearance of the Malaysian airliner is why none of the passengers tried to contact relatives, as they did during the 9/11 attacks.
18.03.2014 11:39 Emergencies
Three million people have joined an effort led by a satellite operator to locate the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, in what may be the largest crowdsourcing project of its kind.
13.03.2014 12:36 Emergencies
Chinese satellites have detected possible debris from a Malaysian jet that vanished with 239 people on board, offering a new lead Thursday in one of the most mystifying incidents in modern aviation history.
10.03.2014 13:58 Emergencies
Malaysian authorities expect to complete by Monday afternoon a lab analysis that could indicate whether an oil slick at sea came from a missing passenger jet, an official said.
17.02.2014 15:32 Industry, Infrastructure
Residents of the Philippine capital got the first taste Monday of a traffic nightmare that will likely worsen and drag on for four years.
17.02.2014 12:58 Emergencies
Nepalese police discovered the wreckage of a plane carrying 18 people that had gone missing one day earlier in the country's mountainous west, but no survivors have been found.
22.01.2014 18:11 Science, Technologies
Scientists whose Antarctic expedition became trapped in sea ice finally returned to dry land Wednesday, apologising for the disruption and facing questions over who will pay for the international rescue mission.
13.01.2014 16:37 Entertainment, Style
Bare legs and briefs filled train cars from Sydney to New York Sunday as passengers traveled trouserless -- provoking laughs and perplexed looks -- for the 13th annual "No Pants Subway Ride."
10.01.2014 16:47 Internet
Even over the moonscape Nevada desert, even in a 1950s seaplane, the Internet is there.
04.01.2014 11:29 Emergencies
Australian authorities expressed relief Friday after 52 passengers were safely evacuated by helicopter from a Russian ship stranded in Antarctica, but then raised concern for a Chinese rescue vessel caught in heavy ice.
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