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20.04.2015 11:01 Cinema, Music
Music greats paid tribute to singer-songwriter Lou Reed as a singular cultural voice, as the late Velvet Underground frontman entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
08.04.2015 16:11 Politics
American blues legend B.B. King, hospitalized reportedly for dehydration stemming from diabetes, said Tuesday he was better and going home.
08.04.2015 11:55 Entertainment, Style
The original manuscript of Don McLean's enigmatic hit song "American Pie" sold at auction in New York on Tuesday for $1.2 million, Christie's said.
06.04.2015 13:59 Cinema, Music
R&B queen Beyonce has quietly released a love song dedicated to her husband, hip hop mogul Jay Z, available only on his new streaming service Tidal.
03.04.2015 12:32 Cinema, Music
Session Fest from A to Z welcomes jazz lovers to a 4 hours live show on April 4.
02.04.2015 14:56 Entertainment, Style
Rocker Avril Lavigne has revealed that she was bedridden for five months due to Lyme disease and felt she was dying.
01.04.2015 16:31 Entertainment, Style
Pop star Justin Bieber attended a mediation session in Miami over a lawsuit against him in which a photographer alleges that one of the star's bodyguards assaulted him.
31.03.2015 16:04 Entertainment, Style
A demo of a new song by former One Direction star Zayn Malik has been posted online, sparking a row between its producer and one of Malik's former bandmates.
31.03.2015 15:27 Industry, Infrastructure
Rap mogul Jay Z launched the rebranded Tidal music streaming service with major star backing.
30.03.2015 22:58 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstani guitar player Artur Mashurov of Nodario band is taking part in the Guitar Solo Contest 2015.
30.03.2015 22:11 Cinema, Music
Baikadamov’s Choir Capella performed on the stage of Zhambyl’s Philarmony on March 20.
26.03.2015 12:57 Cinema, Music
Canadian singer Celine Dion will return to Las Vegas to perform the first of 40 shows on August 27, after a nearly year-long break to care for her cancer-striken husband.
26.03.2015 10:36 Cinema, Music
Zayn Malik has left boy band One Direction but the group will continue without him.
25.03.2015 11:56 Cinema, Music
Metallica's "... And Justice for All" was one of heavy metal's most influential albums, but fans who have listened to it have long asked -- what happened to the bass?
20.03.2015 09:56 Entertainment, Style
One Direction star Zayn Malik quit the world tour of the British-Irish pop phenomenon due to stress, a spokesman for the band said.
18.03.2015 13:43 Cinema, Music
Rapper Kendrick Lamar's latest album has broken the first-day record on Spotify after its surprise early release, the streaming service said.
28.02.2015 12:19 Cinema, Music
Bjork has become the latest among the rare number of pop stars to refuse to stream an album, saying it was a matter of "respect" for artists.
28.02.2015 12:01 Science, Technologies
More than one billion young people risk damaging their hearing through listening to loud music, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.
27.02.2015 14:27 Entertainment, Style
Elvis Presley, the late "king" of rock-and-roll and former fixture in Las Vegas, will receive a symbolic return to Sin City with a reconstruction of his concerts.
27.02.2015 12:01 People
Pop star Madonna told French radio that "intolerance" was now so high in France and Europe that "it feels like Nazi Germany."
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