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25.09.2015 18:03 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstan’s popular singer Luina has been eliminated from Rising Star Turkiye singing contest.
23.09.2015 14:18 Entertainment, Style
Diddy is said to be working on a long-awaited album but, even without his music, he was the top-earning rapper of the past year.
22.09.2015 15:02 Entertainment, Style
Rap superstar Drake, whose unexpected mixtape earlier this year became a top-seller, has dropped another surprise release -- to an enthusiastic commercial response.
19.09.2015 13:10 Entertainment, Style
Her new album is entitled "Honeymoon," but for Lana Del Rey such romantic sojourns are bleak in the way of classic film noir.
18.09.2015 13:49 Entertainment, Style
Two hours into a show in which transgender nuns twirled on stripper poles and hot-bodied dancers simulated most imaginable sex acts, Madonna's eyes glistened.
17.09.2015 14:26 Entertainment, Style
Canadian singer The Weeknd proved himself to be a fast-rising star as he pulled off the rare feat of topping three premier US charts.
05.09.2015 12:20 Entertainment, Style
The contract that launched the career of The Beatles will be sold in London later this month and is expected to fetch up to £500,000 (681,000 euros, $760,000).
05.09.2015 00:12 Cinema, Music
The 3rd theatrical season of Astana Opera opens with the 2nd International Music Festival Silk Road.
04.09.2015 13:35 Music
Justin Bieber broke the record for biggest first week on streaming service Spotify, proving the pop star's enduring popularity despite his slew of controversies.
03.09.2015 15:13 Cinema, Music
American professional boxer, rapper and actor Roy Jones has recorded a song about Kazakhstan.
31.08.2015 17:42 Entertainment, Style
Taylor Swift was crowned queen of the MTV Video Music Awards as rapper Kanye West announced an improbable run for president in 2020 and Miley Cyrus released her new album for free.
26.08.2015 12:02 Cinema, Music
Mercurial hip-hop great Kanye West will be honored for his career achievements during the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.
25.08.2015 10:56 Entertainment, Style
British-Irish boyband One Direction is to take a break next year, quickly reassuring the group's passionate fanbase that they had no plans to split up.
24.08.2015 20:45 Cinema, Music
9-year-old Daneliya Tuleshova has been awarded the People’s Choice Award at the Junior New Wave-2015 contest in Crimea, Russia.
20.08.2015 21:19 Entertainment, Style
To celebrate the Day of Almaty, locals and guests of the city are invited to 50 events, from musical performances to quests.
20.08.2015 20:56 People
35-yo ethnic Kazakh Berik Iklas from Karamai town in XUAR in China has amazed the juries of the Voice of China singing contest.
18.08.2015 12:37 Entertainment, Style
Hungary's Sziget music festival, one of Europe's largest outdoor music bonanzas, finished on a high note with record crowds this year.
15.08.2015 13:40 Entertainment, Style
Hip-hop star Drake condemned rising violence in Toronto after two people died in a shooting linked to his festival, breaking more than a week of silence.
15.08.2015 13:26 Cinema, Music
50 Cent, who recently filed for bankruptcy after losing a suit over a sex tape, came out Friday with a new song about his dark past as he looks to reboot his career.
13.08.2015 13:02 Health
Listening to music before, after and even during surgery reduces anxiety and the need for painkillers, according to a comprehensive study published.
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