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27.10.2015 14:59 Entertainment, Style
Pharrell Williams dedicated his song "Freedom" to refugees fleeing to Europe, hailing immigrants' contributions around the world.
23.10.2015 14:16 Cinema, Music
Elton John announced his first album in nearly three years, on which the pop legend reunites with longtime backup artists.
22.10.2015 15:36 Entertainment, Style
A judge dismissed a case against Jay Z in which the heir of an Egyptian composer claimed the rapper illegally used a flute sample in his hip-hop classic "Big Pimpin."
21.10.2015 15:09 Entertainment, Style
Gwen Stefani has opened up about her divorce from fellow rocker Gavin Rossdale in the form of music, releasing an emotional song entitled "Used to Love You."
20.10.2015 16:35 Companies
Apple chief executive Tim Cook said the technology giant's new music service has some 6.5 million subscribers.
20.10.2015 14:04 Cinema, Music
Rap superstar Kanye West, who has drawn more attention recently for non-musical pursuits from fashion to the presidency, unexpectedly released two songs.
17.10.2015 17:42 Cinema, Music
A public appeal by Celine Dion for new songs for her next album in French has been met with a flood of offered tunes.
16.10.2015 16:16 Entertainment, Style
Thirty-six years after her tour truck was stolen, rock legend Patti Smith was moved to tears as a fan returned a bandana from her late brother and other items thought to have been inside the stolen truck.
14.10.2015 14:56 Entertainment, Style
Pop superstar Taylor Swift led nominations for the American Music Awards, with Canadian singer The Weeknd the favorite among newcomers.
12.10.2015 13:33 Cinema, Music
Michelle Obama has revealed musical tastes that include Beyonce and past greats such as Billie Holiday as she released a first playlist on streaming service Spotify.
10.10.2015 14:06 Cinema, Music
British singer P. J. Harvey released her first book of poetry on her 46th birthday -- based on journeys to Afghanistan, Kosovo and the United States.
10.10.2015 13:32 People
John Lennon fans marked what would have been the slain Beatle's 75th birthday with a sing-in of his greatest tunes in New York's Central Park.
10.10.2015 13:26 Entertainment, Style
Singing sensation Rihanna says her long-awaited new album will be out shortly -- and that it's going to defy expectations.
07.10.2015 16:04 Entertainment, Style
Rap superstar Eminem will headline three Latin American editions of the Lollapalooza festival in 2016 after spending a year away from the stage.
06.10.2015 15:11 Cinema, Music
Two of music's top-selling stars have come together, however briefly, as Drake put out a new song featuring Beyonce.
03.10.2015 11:29 People
It can't be easy to be the kid sister of the King of Pop, but Janet Jackson pulled it off in the 1980s as she became a music legend in her own right.
02.10.2015 19:51 Cinema, Music
Almaty and Astana residents and guests are invited to enjoy charming sounds of piano, violin and cello at Masterpieces of Romanticism concert that will take place on October 6 and 9.
02.10.2015 15:31 Entertainment, Style
Sitting on a cushion under a tree on a hot and dusty farm with a reality TV show crew standing by, Swaziland's royal princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini lays down a quick-fire rap.
30.09.2015 14:42 Cinema, Music
NoreumMachi, a South Korean musical band, is performing at Astana Opera for the first time as a part of the International Silk Way Festival.
29.09.2015 15:12 Entertainment, Style
Kendrick Lamar, one of the most respected young rappers, will make his classical debut in a performance with the National Symphony Orchestra.
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